Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, best known as the keyboardist and percussionist of The Mars Volta and the drummer, producer, & engineer for Zechs Marquise. Currently he produces music under the moniker Eureka the Butcher.







  March 24  El Paso, TX  @ Prickly Elder

  March 24 El Paso, TX @ Prickly Elder

April 10  Los Angeles, CA  @ Resident DTLA

April 10 Los Angeles, CA @ Resident DTLA

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YEAR     ALBUM                          ARTIST  

2017 EUREKA!                         Eureka The Butcher             composer, producer, engineer, mixing, musician

2017 No Data (track:Bully Bully)     Daye Jack                      composer, musician

2016 Foreshadowed With Shakes        Eureka The Butcher             composer, producer, engineer, mixing, musician

     And Cracks

2015 Low End Theory x Serato         Big Game Huntas                composer, co production, musician

2013 Vivid Green                     (DJ) Nobody                    composer, musician

2013 Music For Mothers               Eureka The Butcher             composer, producer, engineer, mixing, musician

2012 Noctourniquet                   The Mars Volta                 musician

2012 Octopus Kool Aid                Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           co production, engineer, musician

2011 Getting Paid                    Zechs Marquise                 composer, producer, engineer, musician

2011 The Golden Age Of Knowhere      Funeral Party                  musician

2010 Cizaña De Los Amores            Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2010 Tychozorente                    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2010 Dōitashimashite                 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2010 Un Escorpión Perfumado          Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           co production, musician

2010 Sepulcros De Miel               Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           composer, co-production, musician

2009 Octahedron                      The Mars Volta                 musician

2009 Terra Incognita                 Juliette Lewis                 musician

2009 Solar Gambling                  Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2009 Xenophanes                      Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2009 Los Sueños De Un Hidalgo        Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2009 Megaritual                      Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2008 The Bedlam In Goliath           The Mars Volta                 musician

2008 Our Delicate Stranded           Zechs Marquise                 composer, producer, engineer, mixing,               Nightmare                                                      musician

2008 Old Money                       Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2008 Minor Cuts And Scrapes In       Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician                                            The Bushes Ahead

2008 Absence Makes The Heart Grow    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician                                            Fungus

2007 Calibration (Is Pushing Luck    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician                                            And Key Too Far)   

2007 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez &          Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician                                           Lydia Lunch

2007 Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo      Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2006 34:26                           Zechs Marquise                 composer, co production, musician

2006 Amputechture                    The Mars Volta                 musician

2006 Please Heat This Eventually     Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2005 Omar Rodriguez                  Omar Rodriguez-Lopez           musician

2005 Scabdates                       The Mars Volta                 musician

2005 Frances The Mute                The Mars Volta                 musician